Constant Elevation Mission

The mission of Constant Elevation Clothing is to promote a positive change in the way we view ourselves. The goal is design clothing that inspires individuals to seek more from themselves and those around them. Join us in creating a movement that bridges the gap between the “new” leaders of tomorrow with the incredible figures of our ancestry. 

How Constant elevation Was Born

In the winter of 2005, a movement was born to honor the lives of those who continue to live within us. Our family, a union of growth and respect, lost the most influential matriarch of our family circle - the final link that continues to bind us to a heritage that endured and survived the ills of the Jim Crow South. It was in the passing of our prestigious elder that we were inspired to stop waiting and give birth to the "constant elevation" of our heritage and legacy. Constant Elevation recognizes the most essential pieces of our existence. We are living testaments to the countless achievements of our ancestors; we are the change they envisioned in the world. We are the reward for centuries of slavery and segregation. And more importantly we are still here. 

Introducing the CE Team

Meet the incredible, hard-working members of the Constant Elevation Clothing Team. Each with a defined role to bring this movement to fruition.

Joshua Amir

Founder X CEO

Joshua Amir is a husband, a father, educator, poet, mentor, coach and active participant in progressing the legacy of our rich heritage.

Quarry James

Founder X Marketing Director 

Quarry James is a father, entrepreneur, influencer and marketing specialist whose focus is to bring heritage and enlightenment to the mainstream.

SImon Jamel

Art Director

Simon Jamel is an educator, artist, graphic designer and musician who brings his art to life every time he steps on stage!

Matthew Bernard

Social Media Relations

Matthew Bernard is a father, educator, composer, and classical musician who lives as passionately as his music and loves with his complete being.

jaron la'trell

Art Consultant

Jaron La'Trell aka Scholar is an educator, artist, graphic designer, photographer and musician who strives to uplift the oppressed by spreading love and positivity.

Reverend Terry

Spiritual Advisor

Reverend Terry is a humble man of God, a husband, a father, grandfather, mentor and State Representative who leads by example and continuously on the forefront of change for his people.

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Constant Elevation Clothing

Constant Elevation Clothing

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About us

Constant Elevation is a movement. This premier clothing company was created to fill a void. For far too long our history has been lost and misrepresented. Today, you can be a part of that change.